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SCT BDM Submissions

Please use this form to make submissions to the Scotland BDM Exchange. If you have numerous entries (more than 10) to include and would rather send an Excel file, please email me first.

IMPORTANT: Before making a submission -

  • Do you hold the certificate, transcription etc?
  • If your submission information is not complete, the entry will not be added to the site.
  • Please don't CAPITALISE entries or use all lower case. Entries should be formatted as you would write them - (Stewart, David, John Stewart, Margaret Chisholm, 31 Aug 1873, Glasgow, LKS, Sue Lund,
  • Please do not submit the same information twice.  Depending on how busy I am "with work", it could take a few days for your submissions to flow through to the database.

Thank you.

* Required information - by leaving these fields blank, your submission will not be posted.

* Submission Type  
* Surname eg. Stewart
First name eg. William
Father's name eg. William Stewart
Mother's name
eg. Mary Bruce


eg. Catherine McInnes
* Date (08 Aug 1876)     Don't forget the date or your info won't be added
* Town/Parish
eg. Glasgow
Town/Parish of Bride(groom) - Banns only  
* County  
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