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MarriageMemesIsobeleWilliam Memes -Alexander Walker03 Feb 1819AberdeenTrinity Chapel ABDMelissa
DeathsMemmesIsabellaWilliam Memmes -28 Mar 1867AberdeenABDMelissa
MarriageMorriceElizabethDavid Walker02 Apr 1859AberdeenABDMelissa
MarriageWalkerDavidAlexander WalkerIsabella MemesElizabeth Morrice02 Apr 1859AberdeenABDMelissa
MarriageWalkerAlexanderIsobele Memes03 Feb 1819AberdeenTrinity Chapel ABDMelissa
BirthsWalkerDavidDavid WalkerChristen Collieson03 Oct 1800AberdeenABDMelissa
BirthsWalkerAlexanderDavid WalkerChristian Collieson10 Nov 1795AberdeenABDMelissa
BirthsWalkerJohnDavid WalkerChristian Collison24 Feb 1804AberdeenABDMelissa

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