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Lanarkshire - The Best of both Worlds in the Heart of Scotland

Formerly a county of Scotland, Lanarkshire (also known as the County of Lanark) is bounded to the north by Stirlingshire and a portion of Dunbartonshire, to the east by Peeblesshire, to the west by Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Dunbartonshire and lastly, by Dumfriesshire to the south.

The county of Lanarkshire lies at the very heart of Scotland and is composed of many towns and villages. Its lands are crossed by quite known rivers, like the Medwin River, the Rover Clyde and the Avon, which make it a place of many choices for its size. In the 19th century, the government treated Lanarkshire as three different counties for administration purposes but that ended in the year 1889 with the institution of the Local Government Act.

Also, for being such a small place, Lanarkshire is strategically located and is within half an hour distance from major cities and locations throughout the country, like the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Thus, the proximity of such important cities and to its strategic location, Lanarkshire counts with a robust economy. This is due to the many international brands and organizations operating in the vicinity, which in turn generate more job opportunities and make the area more attractive for potential residents.

It might come as a surprise for many to see such level of progress in what is considered still a relatively young constituency. Even more if we consider that just around the beginning of the 19th century, the vast majority of jobs there were related to agriculture and handcrafting.

When it comes to its government structure, both the northern and southern parts of Lanarkshire have a joint board. This has been constituted mainly for electoral and for representation purposes. This is very convenient or them, since both the North and South Lanarkshire Councils are among the two biggest ones out of the thirty-two Scottish local authorities.

One last curious thing about Lanarkshire worth mentioning is the population decrease that the community has experimented in the last two or three decades. While the children mortality rate of Lanarkshire has greatly decreased in comparison to the last century, the fertility rate of the constituency has done likewise. In order to fight this, the local authorities have established an aggressive campaign in order to bring both individuals and families to live in the area.

The campaign focuses on the many benefits of living in a place like Lanarkshire, which for many, offer the best of both worlds. On one side, there is the peace and tranquility that only a small, cozy community can offer for people and their children. On the other, Lanarkshire offers the variety and opportunities and entertainment choices for people of all ages since everything is within just minutes of reach.