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Kinross - The Beauties of the Small Burgh of Kinross

Kinross is a small Scottish burgh that belongs to Perth and Kinross. It is located at the easternmost side of Scotland and used to be known by the name of Kinross-shire. Even though it is considered a small town, Kinross has many sites to visit, which include a wide array of old buildings, the original parish church and Loch Leven, which rests a little apart from the town.

The Pert and Kinross district in which Kinross rests used to be two entirely separate councils until the year 1975. Then the government of Scotland joined them in a single district granting them a unitary authority.

At the beginning of Kinross as a town, the place was connected by numerous railways to many other touristic sites like Perthshire, Fife and Clackmannanshire. Nonetheless, with the pass of the years, many of those routes were lost and left the town of Kinross quite isolated. But that didn't stopped Kinross from expanding all the same; a process accomplished with the help of the new M90 motorway that crosses through the burgh.

Besides that, the town of Kinross itself is quite well located. And this is a fact they know how to take advantage of, with many tourist packages sold every year, which include visits to the beautiful Lock Leven and to the Loch Leven Castle. For many, the town of Kinross is considered quite small, with just between four to five thousand people in it. Despite of this though, the burgh not only counts with a local high school, which is the learning place for the vast majority of children from the burgh, but also with many local private institutions as well.

The burgh also celebrates many festivals among which the annual T in the Park music festival is the most renowned. This festival, which has been held on an annual basis, is one of Scotland's most celebrated music venues and one of Kinross' most celebrated attractions.

Being a small place to dwell, many would think that Kinross has not many activities in which to occupy one's time. However, this small burgh offers a wide array of choices and opportunities for the active person. Among them, we can find many walking and cycling sites around the place, which are extremely attractive. This is mostly due to the location of Kinross and to the fact that the town is unpopulated, which offers an unparalleled sense of calm and peace. Furthermore, in recent time comparable sites have been built all around the lake as well, which is now known as the Loch Leven Trail

All in all, though still recent in its constitution, the burgh of Kinross has proven to be not only a town very capable of achieving progress, but also a site in which industries and nature can co-exist. And these just make it even more attractive for anyone planning to visit this small, hidden jewel of the Scottish country.